Stars Wall Stickers
Stars Wall Stickers
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Stars Wall Stickers

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Twinkle, twinkle little stars - How I wonder what you are. Have these Stars Wall Decals for your nursery or your kid's bedroom. They are perfect for the wall or even the ceiling. They are easy to peel and yes, easy to apply. Great for rentals or for those who want to jazz up their place with no permanent commitment. If it's time for a change, simply grab your hair dryer, blow hot air on the sticker and peel away. You can also use your craft knife to take it off. You also have 22 colors to choose from!

How to order your Stars Wall Decals Set:
1. Choose your Stars Set (please see sizes and star counts per set)
Star Set 1 = 51 stars 2.5" (63mm) = 8 stars 1.5" (38 mm) = 15 stars 1" (25 mm) = 28 stars
Star Set 2 = 102 stars 2.5" (63mm) = 16 stars 1.5" (38 mm) = 30 stars 1" (25 mm) = 56 stars
Star Set 3 = 153 stars 2.5" (63mm) = 24 stars 1.5" (38 mm) = 45 stars 1" (25 mm) = 84 stars
Star Set 4 = 204 stars 2.5" (63mm) = 32 stars 1.5" (38 mm) = 60 stars 1" (25 mm) = 112 stars
  • 2. Choose your color. We offer 22 colors to choose from.
    • Images are for illustration purposes only and are not for scale. Decals need to be applied in a flat, smooth surface.
    • Because of varying computer/phone resolution, colors on photos and color swatches may slightly vary from actual product
    How to install your Stars:
    1. Clean the wall with soap and water and let dry.
    2. Peel the sticker.
    3. Lightly place the sticker on the wall. (You can still remove and reposition it until you finalize your design/placement).
    4. Firmly press on the sticker when you are happy with your design/placement. • Please note that once finalized, stickers can be removed but not reused.
    • It is highly recommended not to place stickers on newly painted walls. Wait for a few weeks before application.